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What is A ChalkNote?

App-led experiences with narrative-driven audio and AR integrated into the real world - Mixed Reality unlocked on-location.

In the very near future, content experiences will be intrinsically linked to our favorite destinations and products. ChalkNotes helps you take the first steps into mixed reality by providing no-code web tools to create narrative-driven experiences linked to locations, events and products; as well as a mobile app for distribution, monetization, and enjoyment of this new content art form. Share the same space with others not at the same time by placing audio and visual augmented reality in the real world.

Create Memorable Experiences

ChalkNotes's platform is a combination of web tools to effortlessly construct rich and engaging on-location experiences linked to destinations or products, and a mixed reality mobile app for enjoying them - forging stronger connections and loyalty to brand.

Your Real-world Metaverse

Connect better to others via community chat and creating socially distant yet shared experiences for your members - made available on their schedule. Your community can be made exclusive or hidden behind a passcode.

Find interwoven and diverse location-aware audio experiences and start a conversation

Filter your experience by community and connect with brands, businesses, and other people

Enjoy original content made by creators

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