Reach Beyond the Screen. Connect through place.

Grow and activate your community by creating location bound digital audio experiences.

Give your community what it wants - experiences!

The next level of community interactions – turn your content into immersive multimedia experiences for your community. 

Locate, Schedule,
+ Share

Each note is anchored by a place and reveals a surprise experience that can be discovered from anywhere. You can make experiences permanent, or let them expire for some serious FOMO.

your community

Offer communities a chance to experience, not consume, your content. Those experiences turn into conversations on the ChalkNotes mobile app. When we walk in the footsteps of others, we no longer follow – we connect.

Create experiences.
Not content.

With ChalkNotes, create experiences that reach beyond the screen and happen in the real world, no matter the size of your community.

Place digital notes containing audio, text, and photos at real-world locations. Multiple experiences can be created at a single location, or you can connect several notes for longer experiences. 

Control how people discover your communities by making them public, exclusive or hidden, and decide who can contribute experiences.

We are one app for many communities.

Plug And Play

The ChalkNotes web app provides seamless tools to create, manage, schedule, and share experiences with your community in the mobile app. Robust analytics lets you see what’s working in real time.


Integrate Moments

A ChalkNote is a digital experience, but if you have real world events showcase them as part of your digital experiences, or extend events into digital experiences for longer term engagement.


Get started with ChalkNotes now and be a part of our beta group, with free access to monetizable features, including subscription and ticketing.

Be a pioneer in location based experiences.

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About communities and members:

We designed ChalkNotes to be utilized by communities of any size. We have worked with brands, influencers, community organizations, municipalities, and individuals. Any group of people who are united by a common theme or interest and want to connect better is welcome to start a community or participate in one.

There are three types of communities on ChalkNotes.

Public – Anyone can find. Anyone can join. Great for increasing engagement with new audiences and enabling discovery.

Exclusive – Anyone can find. People request to join. You control who becomes a member and maintain a list of members. Great for adding a perk to a paid activity or curating a community.

Hidden – No one can find. People can request to join only if they have a code. You control who becomes a member. Choose who can see your experiences. Excellent option for creating an intimate community experience.

ChalkNotes experiences are designed to turn into conversations. Your community members can leave comments on notes, make suggestions, share with others and, if you choose, become a contributor.

There are 3 types of people within your community.

Community leader – these folks have full admin access, can manage membership, contribute notes, and make any changes necessary for your community.

Contributors – these are members who can create notes. They don’t have access to the other features of the web app beyond ChalkNote creation. They can create on the web or mobile app.

Basic Members – These are folks who can engage with notes by viewing them. They can also comment on notes and they can leave suggestions for future notes. They can not create notes, unless you upgrade them to contributors.

There is no limit on how many people can be contributors or leaders. The right decision is always what’s right for you. Some communities are fully open and make every member a contributor. Others are more heavily curated and restrict note creation to only a few. We give you the tools. You do you.

About digital location bound experiences:

A ChalkNote is a digital note tied to a location in the real world. It consists of audio, text, and/or photo/gifs. They can be shared via a link and tagged for better discovery. They are time-bound with a specific start and end time down to the second. Multiple ChalkNotes can be created at a single location or various destinations for longer experiences.

Digitally creating real-world experiences has never been so easy. In seconds you can upload your content into a full location bound experience. ChalkNotes supports any file format. We want to 

We offer two modes.

Get – people must go to the location to retrieve. They would see a title from anywhere, but wouldn’t be able to engage with the content until on-site.

Crumb – is the other mode and these notes can be viewed from any location.

That is entirely up to you and how you want to engage with your community. Some people are creating crumb notes to entice people to visit the location and then placing get notes to encourage further engagement. Others are using entirely one mode or the other. You know your community best! We build the tools so you can engage in whatever way suits you and your community.

ChalkNotes are scheduled. They are up when you make them available and they expire when you say. Notes are extremely easy to create and can be available instantly if you want. You’re always in control.

About revenue, brand, and business:

It’s never been easier. From premium content (lock some notes behind a paywall) to premium communities (create more than one community, a free one and a paid one) to using communities as incentives for other paid engagements (buy access to an event and get ChalkNotes access) or putting your events up as ChalkNotes and selling more tickets – there are a ton of ways.

Don’t. We are a mission driven organization which uses technology to help reduce screen time and be out of the home more. Our set of tools enables communities to engage with their members the way they choose to. Plenty of communities will never charge their members and we think that’s great. Other communities will have a free community and a paid community.

All notes created by you are branded with the icon and username of your choice. In addition, the app can be filtered by your members at the community level. When they do that, our app turns into your app by adopting your brand identity.  Bring together your content, community and people all in one place, under your brand.

Let your existing community know about ChalkNotes. In addition, engaging in a space alongside other communities helps you be discovered and grow your audience. Members can share moments on ChalkNotes with other social media as well. We also encourage collaborating with other communities. Coming in Summer ‘21, you will have the ability to “endorse” each other’s content which means your notes could be in their community and vice versa (if you enable this feature). This is similar to reposting that increases discoverability.

For communities that create real-world events, ChalkNotes makes it easy to add your events to the map for your members and others to discover. We have a special icon on the map just for events!  Communities are using ChalkNotes to promote upcoming events and to leave notes behind after events so people that couldn’t attend can still benefit and engage with your event. You can scale events like never before.

The Web app provides basic analytics about what notes and topics are trending in your community. For more robust analytics, contact [email protected].

About ChalkNotes in General:

We were inspired by kids writing uplifting messages for others in sidewalk chalk. Even apart, they remained connected. We saw the power of place in forming communities. There is great power in community if done right. Current social platform are making communities, but not doing it well or right.

We believe the world needs less distraction, more empathy, spend more time outside and away from screens, and connect better. It’s better for our collective health! This is why we built ChalkNotes to be a centralized hub for sharable digital experiences out in the real world made by various creators with diverse narratives.

ChalkNotes is free. So how do we make money? For groups that need more analytics, there is a premium version of the software. In addition, there are monetization tools you can use, including premium content and transactions, and we only make money if you do. Creating is always free.

We have built a web app (you log into a website) for people and organizations who create, maintain, and manage communities. This web application has the most robust creation tools. The mobile app is for your members to engage with your notes. They can view notes, comment on them, and leave suggestions for future notes.

Members of your community experience your content however works for them, solo or in groups. Share the same place not at the same time.

Safe. Get notes can be claimed from 100m away, and Crumb notes can be collected from anywhere. Sharing communal experiences is especially important when we’re apart. When you ask people what they miss from a pre-Covid world the answer is usually an experience of some sort. As large in-person gatherings and events are a thing both of the past and the future, the world needs a platform that seamlessly turns digital content into real-world experiences – from multi-stop adventures to single memorable notes – and does it all while enabling people to practice the safety protocols that work for them.

We don’t think so. In fact, ChalkNotes replaces almost all of the functionality your own app would provide (and we are working on building the rest of the functionality so you never need to build your own app). Apps are too expensive/difficult for a non-technology company to build and maintain; they poorly meet the needs of the organization; many people are resistant to download single- purpose apps; Single-location apps are often seen as disposable; you lose the benefits of co-locating your community with others for better discovery; some groups are too small to even consider the option of creating an app.

We are transitioning into the experience economy where people crave experiences 4x more than goods. Your members crave experiences and we feel it is the best way to connect. Prior to ChalkNotes, delivering this digitally at scale was difficult and for smaller orgs impossible. We set out to build a tool to enable any community and every person to create, enjoy, and share experiences.

Our focus is building technology that immerses your members in the world around them. For now, we feel the best way to do that is using text and photo to orient someone and audio to immerse them in their surroundings – keeping audiences in the moment. We augment the world with audio! As technologies evolve, we will add them to notes as long as they don’t distract from the experience of being present at the place.